Microsoft releases Web site development tool beta

Microsoft has unveiled a beta release of Microsoft Commerce Server 2002.

Microsoft has unveiled a beta release of Microsoft Commerce Server 2002.

Competing with products from companies such as IBM and Oracle, Microsoft Commerce Server is aimed at the creators of transactional Web sites. Microsoft has added tools that provide multi-language and multi-currency support, business analytics, and more robust cataloguing functions.

However, the real innovation is that the product will be integrated with the company's .net infrastructure.

Microsoft is re-engineering all of its e-business software so it can be used as a service over the Internet. Developers using Microsoft Commerce Server will be able to create applications using the .net framework, including many emerging Web services such as UDDI, Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and SOAP. The commerce server's developer portal will also integrate with Visual Studio .net.

"Commerce Server 2002, with its ability to tightly integrate with Visual Studio .net, demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to empowering developers with tools and products to build .net-ready e-commerce sites," said L J Germinario, Microsoft's commerce server product manager.

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