Peregrine releases business integration suite

Peregrine Systems has launched an application suite for business integration.

Peregrine Systems has launched an application suite for business integration.

Business Integration Suite (BIS), launched on 5 November, is a conglomeration of integration-specific technologies including enterprise application integration, business process integration, automated workflow and network services, B2B connectivity, electronic data interchange and XML.

"We took the best-of-breed products that we have acquired and technically put them together," said Steve Gaylor, vice-president of product marketing.

Peregrine BIS includes integration adapters to back-end systems, such as ERP applications, mainframes and databases, as well as system monitoring capabilities and an application workflow development environment.

The solution also provides a data transformation engine that enables conversions between disparate data formats including various forms of XML, SAP IDOCs and industry standards such as RosettaNet.

"We see this integration stack as a foundation for applications with accessibility through Web services," said Louis Blatt, executive vice-president of Peregrine's solutions group.

Jon Derome, an analyst at The Yankee Group, said that the various integration technologies typically address a similar business problem and, in turn, are melding together, albeit slowly.

"There's a need to unify the various ways a company communicates with its partners externally. The vendors are building that because customers are demanding a more unified means of communication," he added.

Peregrine BIS is available immediately.

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