HP adds Trinagy to OpenView portfolio

In another step towards its mission to deliver integrated network management through its OpenView division, Hewlett-Packard has...

In another step towards its mission to deliver integrated network management through its OpenView division, Hewlett-Packard has acquired the privately held performance management company, Trinagy.

The acquisition will let OpenView make good on its promise to combine fault and performance management, according to Patty Azarello, OpenView's general manager.

"This fits very well with OpenView's strategic direction," Azarello said. "For our customers, it's not just about managing the infrastructure or the elements of the infrastructure in a disjointed way. It's about managing them end to end in a co-ordinated fashion, with an understanding of the dependencies of the customer experience and the service on that infrastructure."

Azarello also said that Trinagy's scalability matches OpenView's "building block" approach to network management. OpenView will offer Trinagy's technology as modules, meaning that customers will be able to deploy them independently of other OpenView solutions, Azarello said.

Jeb Bolding, an analyst at Enterprise Management Associates research firm, said the move made sense for OpenView because it patches holes in OpenView's current product suite and will let the company appeal to non-technical staff.

"[OpenView's] reporting has been focused primarily on the administrator view: They try to solve problems [and offer a] real-time focus on breaks and fixes," Bolding said. "Trinagy gives you a lot more flexibility from a reporting perspective. The growth of e-business has meant that people higher up on the management food chain are much more interested in what's going on with the technology, and Trinagy will give HP the ability to offer different presentations of the same data, but more relevant to business, management and IT."

Trinagy's offerings include Trend, a software solution that alerts service providers about imminent network problems, and ReportPack, which delivers linked reports that let network operators troubleshoot problems sequentially. The technology will be adopted as part of OpenView's e-services management software portfolio.

Currently, Trinagy products are used by such large enterprises and service providers as AT&T, Qwest Communications International, Verizon Communications, and SBC Communications, according to David Woodall, Trinagy's president and chief executive officer.

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