Plan and monitor your e-commerce investment

Although companies now agree upon the importance of e-business, most are failing to commit the required level of investment, planning and...

Although companies now agree upon the importance of e-business, most are failing to commit the required level of investment, planning and monitoring.

Only 49% of executives questioned said they produced business plans for their e-business projects. Of those, only 50% of companies included metrics that would enable them to indicate the potential success of the projects within the business case.

Investment in e-business projects is still focused on customer-facing activities. Of those questioned 65% have business-to-consumer-based initiatives, while only 23% have business-to-supplier/partner-based projects.

Twenty-five per cent of sellers surveyed by the Boston Consulting Group have decreased prices due to incremental price pressures as customers go online. By 2004 another 50% are expected to have joined them. In response to this threat, sellers intend to cut costs and increase differentiation.

Global Internet Index: top 10 web sites by audience

Rank Site Individual users % of Web users
1 Yahoo 65,907,687 54%
2 AOL Web sites 62,349,504 51%
3 MSN 50,042,747 41%
4 Microsoft 42,793,223 35%
5 Lycos 32,584,584 27%
6 Excite@Home 28,357,289 23%
7 GO Network 23,132,996 19%
8 17,217,778 14%
9 AltaVista 16,803,118 14%
10 Time Warner 15,975,939 13%

Yahoo continues to be the world's favourite Internet brand. The huge portal companies continue to dominate global surfing habits, with Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Lycos occupying the top five spots

Global Internet Index: top 10 Internet activities

Rank Category Individual users % of Web users
1 Search engines/portals 107,543,846 88.19%
2 Telecom/Internet services 78,516,293 64.39%
3 Entertainment 65,880,257 54.02%
4 Personal/Business Elec & S/W 56,112,827 46.01%
5 News and information 55,739,404 45.71%
6 Online communities 50,516,785 41.43%
7 Directories/classified 38,362,416 31.46%
8 Finance/insurance/investment 32,003,267 26.24%
9 Family and lifestyles 31,307,305 25.67%
10 Corporate information 28,563,471 23.42%

Portals are the most popular type of Web site - accessed by nearly 90% of active Web users in July. The next most popular are Telecom/Internet services sites, with 64%

Top 10 UK Websites

Rank Site
1 Time Computers
2 No.10 Downing Street
3 Dell Computers
4 GlaxoWellcome
5 British Airways
6 Tiny Computers
7 Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
8 Barclays, BBC, DHL
9 Arthur Andersen
10 Tesco

OCS Consulting ranked a group of 100 UK and global Web sites on content, contact information, visuals, security and navigation. Tony Blair scored a creditable second place with the No 10 Downing Street Web site

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