Honda Motor’s IT projects to include Oracle Apps, RIMS

IT projects to constitute 0.5% to 0.75% of Honda Motor India’s revenue for 2011-12 and to support its upcoming business ventures

Honda Motor India plans to invest in a series of information technology (IT) projects in 2011-12, including deployment of a new datacenter, Oracle Apps, centralized dealer management solution (DMS), business intelligence (BI) upgrade, and the outsourcing of remote infrastructure management services (RIMS). The investment on IT projects will range between 0.5% and 0.75% of its revenue, according to Hilal Khan, head - Corporate IT, Honda Motor India.


IT projects to support business expansion

In 2011-12, an important IT project at Honda Motor India will be replacing the existing DMS and deploying a new solution to cover the company’s 150 dealers in India. “We want to have a centralized DMS that can give us greater control over dealer management function and also offer real time intelligence for improved inventory management,” remarks Khan.

According to Khan, the IT projects will aim at supporting the company’s new business ventures and extending coverage of IT systems to its new plant. Honda Motor India is looking at expanding its auto parts export business next year and has set up a new plant at Tapukara, Bhiwadi in Rajasthan. Its other plant is in Greater Noida. Under its IT projects next year, the company will extend the coverage of Oracle Apps to include the business processes at Bhiwadi plant.

The other IT projects at Honda Motor India will include setting up of a data center in Tapukara, in addition to the existing one in Greater Noida. Both the data centers will be used as disaster recovery sites for each other. The company will also rope in a RIMS provider. “One of our IT projects next year will include gradually moving from facility management services to RIMS. This will cover aspects such as management of storage, backup, database, and data center resources,” explains Khan.

Three other IT projects at Honda Motor India would be BI upgrade, document management, and knowledge management.


Current IT infrastructure

Honda Motor India’s current IT infrastructure comprises IBM’s pSeries, iSeries, and xSeries servers and storage area network boxes; it uses Tivoli for backup and management of Oracle database, SQL database, and Lotus Notes. It has implemented video conferencing projects in Tapukara and Greater Noida using Polycom’s products.

The company uses Oracle Apps R12 software that covers financials, order management, local procurement, and inventory management for Honda Siel Cars. It also has a collaboration and transfer solution for online drawing projects with Honda Siel Car.

Honda Motor India’s previous IT projects have included implementation of Oracle Apps R12 and a separate warehouse management product by Oracle. The company’s other past IT projects included deployment of QlikView for BI, Servigistics for planning and forecasting of spare parts, Catia for product design and development, and a few solutions such as DMS from Honda Japan’s partners. It also has a collaboration portal for suppliers.

Honda Motor’s implementation partners for IT projects are Mahindra Satyam, Infosys, Nucleus Software, and Tata Technologies, among others.


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