NetApp denies role in Virgin Blue crash

NetApp says Navitatire remains a valued customer, but that its products have had no role in outages at Virgin Blue.

NetApp has confirmed that Navitaire, the provider of Virgin Blue’s reservations system. “… is a valuable NetApp customer,” but also said in a statement issued to SearchStorage ANZ that “no NetApp technology nor any technology acquired from NetApp was linked to the recent outage at Navitaire.”

NetApp’s statement is corroborated by industry sources who have told SearchStorage ANZ that another vendor’s equipment failed.

SearchStorage ANZ yesterday published analysis suggesting the airline’s explanation for outages that have caused passenger delays was nonsensical. As part of that analysis we reported that NetApp has, in the past, identified itself as a supplier to Navitaire.

Overnight, Chris Mellor of UK publication The Register found this NetApp blog post identifying Navitaire as a user of Texas Memory Systems’ RamSan  product, which is certified to work alongside NetApp’s own V-Series products.

While confirmation of the presence of a large solid state storage device at Navitaire clarifies Virgin Blue's cryptic statement that a “solid state server disk” is the source of its outages, SearchStorage ANZ has been told by a well-placed source that no part of Navitaire's storage systems are at fault.

SearchStorage ANZ will seek comment from Texas Memory Systems and Navitaire.

Navitaire is also known to be a user of SQL Server, so we'll as around about that as well.

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