SurveyWatch: Crimeware that's beyond malicious

Websense forgets to update its dictionary, but delights in using its new thesaurus.

commercialise hir cybercriminal pastime by selling hacking and phishing toolkits to wannabes for a pretty penny.

We even witnessed said cybercrims worming their way into our widgets and propagating their pernicious payloads to our desktops, stealing our internets.

But only today were we so shocked by a survey to put shaking finger to keyboard, cry havoc and let loose the dogs of ill-informed propaganda.

For today has seen the release of Websense's second quarter 2007 Security Labs report - a report so filled with dastardly predictions that we can barely begin to consider quoting it.

But for your benefit, dear reader, consider we did, and you'll surely experience a safer and more fulfilled life if you read and digest the following quote from the survey:

"Websense expects the alarming trends of comprised severs to continue in Q3, 2007."

That's right. Websense's honeynet caught a bunch of "crimeware" that causes your servers to be composed of other things. And the vendor expects such naughty tactics to continue.

Take home message: never stop being afraid.

But most alarming of all was the raising of the status of crimeware hosted on the Google Pages web hosting service from "malicious" to a whole new level of alarming deviousness.

According to Websense, it's now... nefarious.

Next time, on SurveyWatch: flagitious cybermalefaction.

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