HDS vs. IBM (again), NetApp’s potty problems, more VCE reaction and Emulex love

This week’s excursion into the storage blogosphere uncovers the funniest quote we’ve found all year, as an EMC employee unloads on NetApp while HDS and IBM keep going at each other.


Jealous. That’s how we’re feeling this week, given that much of the storage blogosphere has decamped to Tech Field Day (About which, more of later, to all Yoda go on you).

But that doesn’t mean bloggers have clammed up this week.

Quite the opposite in fact, with EMC-employee/blogger pulling out what must surely be close to quote of the year with this ripper:

NetApp can't use the bathroom without declaring a successful transference to be an epic win, calling everyone they have on speed dial to tell them about it, taking out ads on the internet and then starting a urinal cake stunt marketing campaign.

‘Zilla is not alone in his virulence towards NetApp this week.

A Twitter named Jason Sparrow wrote earlier today that “NetApp's culture value is: “catch someone doing something right”. EMC’s Chuck Hollis retweeted it with gleeful annotations.

Another Twitterer, “dguyadeen” was also tweeting nastily at NetApp blogger and Twitterer “Valb00” recently, proclaiming that a recent blog post “doesn't mention NetApp offering anything unique to help customers deliver ITaaS” (Valb00, for what it is worth, says he likes this column [thanks!] but that won’t stop use from linking to this Tweet in which he declares it is his job to annoy EMC’s Chuck Hollis).

Now to be fair to NetApp, the company is doing rather well of late, what with having scooped up a global mega-deal with BT. The company also does a reasonable line in amusing videos, such as this renovation show spoof:

Moving right along to the week’s other outpourings of hostility, we’ve found HDS plugging away at IBM in this post finding lots of reasons not to like XIV. IBM fights back in comments on this Hu Yoshida post, taking issue with HDS’ opinions on scale up vs. scale out and with a post about emitting more products. 3Par is also being mean, in this case singling out EMC’s supplier-induced SSD shipping slowdown.

A post we are waiting for someone to be mean about is this one from Chuck Hollis, who argues that desktop virtualisation is a jolly good idea. That’s just the kind of argument we would expect from someone capable of selling a SAN to store all of those virtual desktops, a task SearchStorage ANZ has in the past been told could well equate to lots of pain.

The big meme for the week is more analysis of EMC, Cisco, VMware and Intel’s Acadia/vBlock/VCE announcements (should we be calling it ECVIAVV to get all the bits in?). vTacit likes it. Chuck Hollis says everyone loves it (as of course he would. Storagebod is favourable. StorageRap quotes Techsopsguys’ negative comments. Cinettica renames “vBlock” a “vb-lock” which tells you a lot about it's attitude. ESG’s Steve Duplessie can’t help but be grudgingly impressed. StorageIO’s poll on the announcement finds “meh” is the dominant response to the new coalition.

Love … exciting and new

One of the reasons we started this column is that all the name-calling and nastiness makes for good reading. More than a year later, we may have stumbled upon the first expression of out and out blogger-for-vendor love, thanks to What’s this got to do with’s … post about Emulex.

The vendor, meanwhile, is also a little in love, with the concepts behind ECVIAVV which it reckons validates its very existence.

We also love the thoughtful and/or technical posts on offer this week, such as the NetWorker Blog on 5 golden rules of recovery, vTacit on CX4 Vault Drive Space Layout and Information Playground on the Association for Computing Machinery’s digital plans. StorageMojo is on form, as usual, with this look at redundancy and how to achieve it (in a computing sense, not a ‘you don’t figure in our plans any more, Simon’ way).

The Backup Blog has some nice advice about TSM and you can learn about EMC staffer Dave’s new job here. We like this kind of post that reveals a little of vendors’ inner workings, so this one from Pillar is especially interesting!

Lastly, Field Day! In case you don’t know about the event, the folks at GestaltIT have assembled an all-star cast of bloggers for an event in Silicon Valley. Your correspondent really wanted to go, but the next best thing is reading folks like Ruptured Monkey and The Storage Architect, both of whom have nifty previews. The hashtag for the event is #TechFieldDay for those of you who want to tune in to the action.

Lastly, we need some help. We'd love to expand our coverage to include some more storage bloggers from around Asia. If you know of any, drop us a line.

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