HDS reveals next-generation SAN roadmap

Hitachi Data Systems has revealed when it will offer solid state disks, 8G Fiber Channel and Fiber Channel over Ethernet.

Hitachi Data Systems has started work on products supporting 8gbps Fiber Channel and Fiber Channel over ethernet (FcoE), according to Shigeo Honna, General manager, strategic business planning, disk array systems division.

“8gbps Fiber Channel will become more popular in 2009,” Mr Honna told SearchStorage.com.au at the company's headquarters in Odawara, Japan.

“We have a plan to support that capability next year and have started to prepare that functionality.”

“We have already started to study FcoE,” he said, adding that “maybe around 2010” the technology will appear in the company's products.

Another new product the company will soon release is arrays capable of supporting solid state disks.

“The current plan is to release in the second half of this year.”

Simon Sharwood travelled to Japan as a guest of HDS.

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