The Green Grid unveils new carbon emissions measurement

The Green Grid has defined a new carbon emissions measurement , carbon usage effectiveness (CUE), which calculates the carbon emissions that data centres produce; plus more news in brief.

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The Green Grid unveils carbon usage effectiveness measurement
The Green Grid has defined a new carbon emissions measurement, carbon usage effectiveness (CUE), which rates the carbon emissions produced by data centres. The widely adopted Green Grid power usage effectiveness (PUE) measurement is closely related to the organization's new metric. CUE enables data centres to calculate the greenhouse emissions that result from their energy use. It can measure carbon emissions produced on-site as well as by utility companies. Data centre owners should also look out for the Green Grid's upcoming Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) metric.

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NextiraOne extends Cisco partnership
NextiraOne has expanded its relationship with Cisco Systems Inc. in Europe with its delivery of communication applications. These include Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Contact Centre, which are hosted in virtualised data centre environments. The initial focus will be in Austria, Belgium/Luxemburg, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. This will eventually be extended to 16 countries where NextiraOne has a direct sales and service presence.

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VMware and Compellent team up on Storage Center and vCenter Site Recovery Manager bundles
Storage vendor Compellent is bundling its Storage Center systems with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. The combined disaster recovery product is designed to create a disaster-ready cloud environment by automating the process of shifting, protecting and recovering data after a disaster.

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NHS Brent removes 90% of physical servers
NHS Brent has removed 90% of the physical servers that the organisation used to manage. By choosing virtualisation, the health authority removed 36 machines from its data centre, resulting in cost and carbon-emission reductions.

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Isilon joins Microsoft Partner Solutions Centre
Storage vendor Isilon has joined the Microsoft Partner Solutions Centre. The partnership aims to develop integrated offerings in virtualised data centres, cloud computing, and media and telecommunications.

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