Netmagic Cloud 2.0 : Pricing overview and more

India Inc is seeing an increase in cloud service providers, the latest being Netmagic. Let's take a look at Netmagic Cloud 2.0 pricing and features.

India Inc is now witnessing a wide selection in terms of cloud computing service providers, with, an upgrade to its earlier cloud offering. This service comprises of various components such as Cloud Serve for disposable server resources, CloudNet (complete IT infrastructure), private clouds, and the Petavault cloud (for disaster recovery and critical online backups).

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 Netmagic Cloud 2.0's pricing model is divided into two plans. These consist of fixed and elastic plans, wherein the latter will actually enable hourly billing. The base plan starts at Rs 4000. In requirements that involve substantial usage, Netmagic claims Cloud 2.0 pricing for the fixed plan works up to 40 per cent cheaper than the elastic model. The payment can be made online as well.

Charges for Netmagic Cloud 2.0's elastic plan start at Rs 10 per CPU and Rs 6 for per GB of RAM respectively. In this plan, every aspect (other than storage) is a variable component measured on an hourly usage basis. Bandwidth is charged at Rs 120 per GB. Organizations which are existing users of Netmagic's initial cloud offering will have to bear an extra charge for upgrading to Cloud 2.0.

When it comes to operating system (OS) licensing, the organization can go for its own licensing or licenses provided by Netmagic. Currently, Netmagic Cloud 2.0 pricing models offer OS licensing options for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008—enterprise as well as standard editions. These selections can be made online from the portal while configuring the server. When it comes to Linux, Netmagic Cloud 2.0 offers Ubuntu and Redhat flavors. However, the Linux options cannot be enabled online only by June 2010. When it comes to security assurance for Cloud 2.0, Netmagic is an ISO 27001 and SAS 70 Type 2 certified organization.

According to Netmagic, Cloud 2.0 has many upgraded features compared to its predecessor:

- Service level agreement (SLA) will be in virtual machine as against 1 grid.

- Persistent storage is default.

- Postpaid offline payment options for enterprises.

- No customization required on application. In the case of certain cloud service providers, applications may have to be rewritten to reap maximum scalability benefits. That's not the case with Netmagic Cloud 2.0.

- Vertical scaling of resources is possible (apart from horizontal scaling capabilities).

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