McAfee update hits Windows XP SP 3 machines

Microsoft CSS alert warns of buggy McAfee update that causes clients running Windows XP Service Pack 3 to shut down or lose services.

In its latest alert, Microsoft's CSS Security team warns of a McAfee file update that has been affecting the stability of Windows XP clients. According to Microsoft, the McAfee DAT update (McAfee DAT 5958) released on April 21, 2010 can cause machines running Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP 3) to shut down in the event of a DCOM or RPC error.  In certain cases, the update may instead disrupt network connectivity or result in the "blue screen" triggered by a BugCheck.

This buggy update causes a false positive classification of the svchost.exe file (of Windows XP clients) by McAfee solutions. The update meant for clients that conduct automatic updates of virus definitions has been replaced with a bug-free version by McAfee. In case a detection message is received for w32/wecorl.a, McAfee recommends that remediation steps be taken as detailed in the McAfee advisory. Detailed instructions to resolve issues in affected Windows XP clients can also be found on the Windows advisory page.

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