Storage Roundup: 3PAR cuts costs for online jobs site, Tarmin and more

3PAR cuts storage costs for online jobs site; Tarmin Technologies archives GridBank to the cloud; StorMagic bags 20 resellers from the VMware Partner Network.

Online recruiter cuts costs with 3PAR shared storage

London and New York-based online recruitment service has cut storage costs by 50% following the implementation of 3PAR Utility Storage as part of a data centre rationalisation project that also included VMware server virtualization. The cost savings came about by moving from storage that was directly attached to application servers to a 3PAR InServ Storage Server storage-area network (SAN).

With storage capacity split between application-specific silos, utilisation efficiency had been low. By taking advantage of shared data storage on the new SAN, capacity requirements were reduced by 66% and administration time was cut by a substantial margin. Thin provisioning – in which storage capacity is allocated virtually but not delivered physically until required – has also contributed to lower upfront storage media costs for

"By allowing us to cut our storage TCO by 50%, 3PAR was clearly the most cost-effective solution," said Frey Kuo, director of information technology and operations at "However, it wasn't only about the financial benefit. With 3PAR, we now have the ability to add storage at the drop of a hat, and the platform's superior reliability and high performance protects our critical end-user experience."

Tarmin launches archiving to cloud

Archiving software vendor Tarmin Technologies has announced its GridBank product will now integrate with cloud storage. The product will allow data migration and data archiving functions for files and Microsoft SharePoint data into cloud computing environments as a target. GridBank creates virtual storage pools from heterogeneous storage platforms in which file and SharePoint-based data objects are archived and allow e-discovery, search and data retrieval. The GridBank Cloud Storage Wizard allows customers to create connections to various cloud storage targets, and enables connectivity from the same GridBank configuration to onsite and cloud storage.

StorMagic signs VMware partners

iSCSI software SAN product vendor StorMagic has signed 20 VMware Partner Network resellers over the past three months. European resellers include Active Network Solutions, Admitelsa, Datascape, Engitech, New Datum and Westerhout, while DSN Group, E-Safe Technologies, Flytrap Technologies, JP Schwartz and PBG have been signed in the United States. Asian partners include Proware in Taiwan, as well as Core Micro Products in Japan and Rorke Data in China. The recently announced StorMagic channel partner program, which serves resellers and system integrators in the VMware community, offers lead generation, sales and online technical support tools.

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