2010 Review: Top 10 analyst reports

There is a wealth of information in our CW+ premium content service to help IT decision-makers. Here's the top 10 in 2010.

There is a wealth of information in our CW+ premium content service to help IT decision-makers. For example, you can sign-up to ComputerWeekly.com to download articles and reports from the leading IT analysts.

Here are our selection of the top 10 analyst reports and articles available on our website now.

EquaTerra: IT service providers - the user's verdict

Each year, EquaTerra undertakes an investigation into organisations' satisfaction with their outsourcing service providers, This comprehensive research study is conducted in a number of European countries using a common format to enable Europe-wide analysis and conclusions. Download the executive summary here.

Gartner: Microsoft Sharepoint apps will over take iPhone apps within five years

By 2015, Sharepoint will be as popular a platform for content applications as the iPhone, with 20,000 applications available.Enterprise content management (ECM) leaders should develop strategies for dealing with a ballooning number of applications built on Microsoft Sharepoint and the impact of consumer internet giants such as Amazon and Facebook. Download the article here.

Ovum: 10 cloud computing tips for IT departments and suppliers

Enterprises care about cloud computing because they need to adapt to the way it redefines how they relate to one another, their suppliers, their IT departments, and the IT assets they use. Suppliers care about cloud computing because it drives the convergence between the emerging and very dynamic public cloud industry and the more the traditional IT hardware, software, and services markets. Click here to download top tips from Ovum.

Juniper Research: How IT departments can benefit from next generation mobile broadband

This special 14-page research report tells you all the facts you need to know about the next generation of mobile broadband. Compiled especially for Computer Weekly readers by Juniper Research, the report shows how mobile broadband, or LTE, will open up opportunities for businesses to deliver new advanced applications and services. Click here to download.

Nucleus Research: The business value of Salesforce.com's Chatter

Salesforce.com Chatter changes the enterprise application model from a query-dominant model to a push-dominant one, driving greater visibility and productivity and enabling more rapid responses and smarter business decisions. Click here to download this report from Nucleus Research.

Quocirca: Managed hosting in Europe

The managed hosting market in Europe is thriving despite the current economic conditions. This report looks at the reasons why, what buyers should look for and who the main providers are. Click here to download this in-depth report.

Diaz Research: How to design job roles and plan careers structures in the IT department

This special in-depth report from Diaz Research for Computer Weekly readers tells you everything you need to know about planning careers structures and designing job roles in an IT department. Unclear job roles in an IT department mean an under-performing CIO. Lack of clarity about what's expected of IT workers has an impact. Workers and the CIO will under-perform if workers have a poor grasp of the requirements of their jobs, especially of the key competencies. Click here to download the 20-page special report

Gartner: Five roles for government in cloud computing

As a consequence of tightening budgets and increasing uncertainties, government organisations are looking at how to leverage cloud computing as a model to ensure greater flexibility, lower costs, more-rapid provisioning and greater focus on areas that are more domain-specific. Gartner has identified five different roles to help organisations articulate their options and decide which roles are most appropriate. Click here to download article.

MoFo: How to rethink IT contracts for multi-sourcing

Effective multi-sourcing requires a thoughtful re-examination and the fine tuning of traditional outsourcing contracts. This paper from Chris Ford and Scott Stevenson of international law firm Morrison & Foerster highlights the contractual issues IT departments need to think about when moving to multi-sourcing. It gives helpful advice on operating level agreements, enforcement mechanisms and governance models. Download here.

Forrester: Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 and Office 2010

This study argues that a 5,000-strong business can achieve a return on investment within about seven months for installing both Sharepoint 2010, Office 2010, and other Microsoft collaboration tools.The paper argues that collaboration tools can make a huge difference to the productivity of an organisation. Giving someone even five minutes more productive time a day means a 1% increase in their overall productivity. For a company with 3,000 information workers, it says, that is equivalent to having 30 more fully-ramped people without increasing the headcount. Cick here to download.

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