Nottingham University Hospitals Trust deploys wireless network

The Nervecentre system has improved patient safety, workforce planning and productivity.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) has deployed a wireless system to improve communication across its campuses.

The Nervecentre system has improved patient safety, workforce planning and productivity and increased clinical governance, said the hospital.

Nervecentre was introduced in September 2010 to increase the efficiency of the Hospital at Night (HN) system which runs across two sites and employs a total of 13,000 staff and manages 1,700 beds.

The platform was integrated into the hospitals' existing IT system through a Cisco wireless and telephony infrastructure. It provides real-time information on staff productivity to help hospitals strive for greater efficiency.

Prior to the introduction of the workforce management system the hospital used bleepers to message staff. This often resulted in delays between a nurse requesting help for a patient and the message reaching a doctor able to respond, said the hospital.

Matt Howden, head of service design in ICT services at NuH, said: "There was a need to reduce delays caused by the old bleep-based process because they were causing risk to patients. Nervecentre has closed the loop, making a huge contribution to patient safety. It has also significantly improved governance giving us an accurate record of all staff productivity.

"Nervecentre is a critical part of our IT strategy going forward. There are excellent opportunities to use it to improve a number of other services across the hospital. The Hospital at Night project was an ideal first project at NUH because of the out-of-hours staffing constraints. As we roll out Nervecentre to support day-time activities and other disciplines in the hospital, I think we will see transformational benefits across many aspects of the hospital," he said.

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