Hiscox boosts QA with Dynatrace for SOA

Hiscox, the international specialist insurer, has deployed Dynatrace, an application performance management tool, to improve its QA testing.

The insurance...

Hiscox, the international specialist insurer, has deployed Dynatrace, an application performance management tool, to improve its QA testing.

The insurance firm uses a SOA, using WebMethods and JRules, which is shared across two online products, one for UK household, and one in the US for its direct commercial business. Hiscox has used Dynatrace during the development of the US product.

The product has helped Hiscox focus on the user experience, business transaction management and application monitoring throughout the application lifecycle.

"When we created a dynamic user interface, we couldn't manually test and identify potential problem areas," said Chris Waters, enterprise architect at Hiscox.

Cognizant runs Hiscox's software development. The software designs are handed over to the outsourcer to build code, which is returned and tested in-house.

Chris Waters said: "When we get code back we look at any bugs and integration issues." He said Hiscox can look at logs and see that the application is functioning the way specified by the design.

Previously, if Hiscox wanted to monitor the whole application, it would require six people and the process would take days. For a specific set of tests, "Dynatrace, allowed us to pull it all together in hours, allowing us to run more extensive testing, to focus on the user experience".

"The quality of the product has got better. Whenever problems occurs in production, we've been able to identify them quicker," Waters added.

Since the US product shares components with the UK online household insurance service, the UK product has benefited from the quality improvements, he said.

The application performance management tool is being used pre-production. Hiscox will assess whether it can justify the additional expense in running Dynatrace in the live production environments.

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