IT staff demand jumps 23% amid skills shortage fears

Demand for IT staff has increased since last year despite a decline in the overall UK jobs market

Demand for IT staff has increased 23% since last year despite a decline in the overall UK jobs market, according to research.

Recruitment group Reed's annual job index suggests IT job opportunities increased 23% year-on-year in December 2010 compared to 2009 figures, even though job demand fell in the majority of UK sectors.

The index showed job growth in the IT sector grew at nearly four times the rate of the economy as a whole. Demand from the private sector was responsible for the increase as new public sector jobs continued to fall to less than half the opportunities a year ago, said Reed.

But Martin Warnes, managing director of, warned the rise in demand for IT staff could fuel a skills shortage.

"Although salaries have stayed flat, as competition for IT jobs remains fierce, the most recent data shows this is beginning to change. Skills shortages are beginning to reappear, and can very quickly start to drive salaries up again," he said.

Other industry sectors to experience an increase in demand for staff included transport, consultancy, marketing, media and banking.

The Reed Job Index is based on data from, which lists 90,000 UK job opportunities a day.

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