G-cloud and Public Sector Network are biggest hopes for IT savings, says CIO

The government's G-cloud and Public...

The government's G-cloud and Public Sector Network projects are the biggest hope for IT-related cost cutting in the coming years, according to the CIO at Leeds City Council.

Dylan Roberts said local authorities that have made as many savings as they can in their own organisations will rely on the central government projects to help them make further improvements to services and cut costs.

"We have been delivering efficiencies over the last four years and we have done a lot. The only direction we can go in now is shared services, or exploit the cloud," he said.

"The G-cloud gives me the assurance that the services and information I get will be provided securely."

The G-cloud will provide public sector organisations with access to secure cloud-based applications and services, while the Public Sector Network aims to facilitate sharing services by providing a common network.

The coalition government has announced a review of every contract signed in the past six months. The IT strategy containing plans for the government cloud project was announced in January, although Roberts said he is hopeful the new administration will continue with the plans.

"I would hope they pick it up, and actually push it on faster. I would like to see the government actually mandating some of these services for central government departments," he said.

Roberts will be discussing the G-Cloud at the SmartGov Live conference on 15 and 16 June, which will focus on the delivery of public services through IT.

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