Download iPhone OS 3.0 from iTunes

The iPhone 's newest...

The iPhone's newest operating system will be released today (Wednesday June 17).

The update will introduce a raft of new features for users, including a search function that works across the whole phone, and the ability to download and watch films and TV programmes.

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Internet tethering will allow customers to share their internet connection with your laptop, via Bluetooth or USB.

There will be a landscape virtual keyboard in some applications, and the ability to cut and paste text from application to application, and images from the web.

Voice-memos will enable users to record meetings or memos via the built-in microphone or the mic on the headset. Users will also be able to take a picture or a video while inside messages.

iPhone owners will be able to download the software from iTunes for free. iPod Touch users can get it for $9.95. The new iPhone 3GS will be out this Friday.

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