2010 data storage spending plans among European IT professionals

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2010 data storage spending plans among European IT professionals

In an effort to gauge where storage professionals in Europe are planning to spend their budgets in the coming months, we recently conducted a Purchasing Intentions survey among our European readers, similar to the Purchasing Intentions survey conducted twice a year by Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com. This year's European survey yielded some interesting results around data storage spending in general, as well as indications around trends in the storage marketplace. Our Special Report explores how budgets are being allocated, how server virtualisation is affecting storage purchase plans, what storage networking gear is in favour, which backup tools are being used by your peers, how many of them are using SRM software, and more.

Storage spending down, according to SearchStorage.co.UK Purchasing Intentions survey

Storage budgets certainly haven't been immune to the recession -- and this year's Purchasing Intentions survey does indeed show a drop in storage spending. But money is still being spent on storage equipment. Find out how much storage budgets have dropped in the past two years, as well as what new projects and products are getting the green light.

Primary storage purchasing plans for 2010 among European IT professionals

UK storage professionals' primary storage preferences have undergone some big changes during the past two years, with SAN and multiprotocol hardware installations increasing sharply. Find out what role server virtualisation has had on primary storage hardware choices, as well as how much disk storage administrators are buying.

SAN switch purchase plans among European buyers

Our Purchasing Intentions survey found that SAN fabrics being operated by SearchStorage.co.UK readers are getting bigger, and the number of SAN switches being managed is increasing. In addition, more people are using 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC). Find out how many -- and what kind of -- switches and ports your peers have in the third section of our Purchasing Intentions report.

Backup and DR: European storage pros buying bigger tape libraries

Tape hasn't lost any ground among SearchStorage.co.UK readers in the past two years, with users now buying bigger tape libraries. Dedupe has also gained steam, while budget allotments for DR and compliance have risen significantly. Get more details on how backup and DR spending is shifting in this report on the fourth section of our Purchasing Intentions survey.

Storage efficiency: Data storage management purchasing plans hold steady in Europe

With IT budgets still being reined in at European IT organizations, storage managers who are buying SRM software are doing so primarily because of the promise of efficiency gains. And despite that many managers say they already have all the storage management tools that they need, spending in the product category hasn't dipped over the past two years. Read on for more details on the storage management section of our Purchasing Intentions survey.

This was first published in September 2010


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