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SearchStorage.co.UK has a variety of data storage podcasts. Keep up-to-date with our latest podcasts on data backup and recovery, data storage tools and management, network-attached storage (NAS), storage-area networks (SANs) and more.

SearchStorage.co.UK podcasts

How to develop a storage strategy for SMEs
What should small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) expect from storage vendors? Jon Collins, service director at Freeform Dynamics, answers that and other questions about cost-effective data storage in the SME space.

The basics of network-attached storage
Looking for information on network-attached storage? Simon Johnson, data recovery practice lead at GlassHouse Technologies (UK), discusses the basics of NAS, how it differs from other forms of storage by providing file system capabilities, and how you can scale NAS systems for remote and home offices.

Disaster recovery basics with Jon William Toigo
Does your company have an established disaster recovery (DR) plan or know how to avoid common pitfalls associated with DR? In this podcast, UK storage bureau chief Antony Adshead discusses the latest trends in DR with Jon William Toigo, chief executive officer and managing principal at Toigo Partners International LLC.

Impact of virtualized servers on storage
Andrew McCreath, virtualization practice lead at GlassHouse Technologies in the U.K., explains the impact of virtualized server environments on storage and backup. Check out this podcast to learn how virtualization affects capacity management, key practices for optimizing storage environments and more.

Unified Storage FAQ
In this podcast, Andrew White, senior consultant at GlassHouse Technologies, looks at the benefits and challenges of unified storage -- subsystems that combine block and file access in one device.

Thin provisioning FAQ
Tony Lock, programme director at analyst group Freeform Dynamics, answers common questions associated with thin provisioning. Check out this podcast to learn about the benefits and potential pitfalls of thin provisioning and where using this technology makes sense.

Backup and data protection: UK special report
Backup is no longer the only data protection game in town. Replication, snapshots, deduplication and continuous data protection (CDP) are all technologies that storage managers need to investigate when creating data backup strategies. In this podcast, Simon Johnson of Glasshouse discusses the latest trends in data backup and protection.

Answers to tough questions about SAN hardware
In this podcast, Steve Pinder of GlassHouse Technologies UK talks about issues with storage-area networks, specifically SAN hardware. Steve lists the questions he is hearing most often from storage managers in the UK pertaining to SANs, including how to change SAN vendors and what drives to use for new storage arrays.

Compliance FAQ Guide
In this podcast, Jon Collins of Freeform Dynamics discusses the questions he is hearing most often from storage managers in the UK pertaining to data compliance. Listen to this podcast to learn about investing in storage technologies for compliance, data-retention best practices and more.

Green storage best practices
Looking for information on green storage? In this podcast, Jon Collins of Freeform Dynamics discusses the ratio of hype to good sense in green storage, how green storage is evolving, and what practical steps to take to reduce power use and space.

This was first published in June 2009


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