Sober virus 'attack' is foiled

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Sober virus 'attack' is foiled

An attack of the Sober virus predicted for Friday 6 January turned out to be a non-event, possibly because of earlier publicity predicting a potential onslaught.
Systems that were compromised by a variant of the Sober worm in November had the potential to download malicious code from certain websites and then launch a new wave of viruses on 6 January.

But security analysts F-Secure and MessageLabs both confirmed there had been no evidence of a successful attack, and that the foiling of the attack demonstrated the benefits to the antivirus community of everyone helping each other out.

F-Secure added that despite the success of foiling an expected attack, now was not the time to be complacent, as the hacker could still try to activate the download routine in the future.

It's encouraging to know that the antivirus community has worked together effectively to curb, for the time being, new versions of Sober. Could this collaborative working be consolidated - or extended?


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