Products go as Microsoft drops Java


Products go as Microsoft drops Java

Cliff Saran
Microsoft will withdraw a series of key products in the new year as part of its January 2001 settlement with Sun over Java licensing.

Users creating Java applications based on these products will have to re-engineer their work to support Sun's Java or Microsoft's .net architecture.

As part of the settlement Microsoft agreed that it would remove the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine from its software.

These products will no longer be available from any Microsoft website or the Microsoft Software Developer's Network from 2 January 2004.

Microsoft is still compiling the list of products affected, but Computer Weekly has obtained a partial list, which includes Back Office 2000, Internet Explorer 5.5, Office XP/2000 Developer Edition, and Office 2000 Service Pack 2, Outlook 2000, Windows 98, NT 4.0 and Visio 2000.

Microsoft has urged users of these products to check whether they are running the Microsoft JVM within their organisations, and has said it will provide a tool that users can run to check whether they are running Microsoft JVM.

Sun agreed in October to allow Microsoft to continue to support it until September 2004 in a bid to help business users to manage without the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine.

Since 1 December Microsoft has been offering users a discount to upgrade to Office 2003.

The discount has a maximum value of £19,900, and is available to users who have multi-year Open, Select or Enterprise licensing agreements who buy Office 2003 through a Microsoft Software Assurance contract.

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