2010 Review: Top 10 broadband stories

2010 has been a critical year for UK broadband as a new government comes in with their own ideas about how to ensure roll-out of next-generation superfast services.

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2010 has been a critical year for UK broadband as a new government comes in with their own ideas about how to ensure roll-out of next-generation superfast services.

Here we look back on the top 10 broadband stories of the year.

Government broadband strategy will put digital hubs in every community

The government plans to spend £830m to encourage investment in wider access to high speed broadband, adding "open access" is a requirement for public money.

Rural providers react to government broadband strategy

Community and smaller network operators accuse the government of ensuring that slow copper will endure in the national networks, especially in rural areas, for decades.

Fight looms over shared infrastructure for broadband networks

Access to physical network infrastructure is essential for network operators to compete, but network owners prove reluctant to compete purely on services.

BT's T&Cs put broadband providers off £830m rural pilot bids

Restrictions on the use of BT infrastructure could limit the customers competitors could approach, undermining the economic viability of small rural networks.

UK 4G spectrum auction delayed

Legal challenges have delayed the auction of 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum, pushing the UK into the slow lane for mobile broadband, now expected to start rolling out in 2014, four years later than the US and Nordic countries.

Rural broadband and Wi-Fi to slip between TV gaps

Innovative technology may allow data network operators to use the "white space" between digital TV frequencies for rural broadband. Ofcom explores the options.

BT accused of using predatory tactics to retain broadband dominance

Cross-bench peer Lord Erroll accuses BT of predatory tactics in competing for rural and village broadband network contracts.

Ofcom sidesteps dark fibre issue

Communications managers and small network operators would like to buy dark fibre, as pushed for by European Commission digital agenda champion, Neelie Kroes, but the matter does not appear to be on Ofcom's agenda.

Minister Ed Vaizey to host broadband summit on fibre rates

So-called fibre rates distort the market, claim non-BT network operators. Regrettably the meeting is cancelled because of bad weather, but officials promise to reschedule it.

Video: How to lay your own fibre network

Chris Conder

Getting fibre to the home is a piece of cake, if you've got the gumption. The problems arrive when you want to use it. Just ask cattle farmer and community Wi-Fi network volunteer Christine Conder, who put in her own fibre link to two properties for £2,500.




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