Compuware tackles poor mobile web and app performance

Compuware has extended its Gomez application performance management (APM) to enable developers to optimise the mobile web and mobile apps.

Compuware has extended its Gomez application performance management (APM) to enable developers to optimise the mobile web and mobile apps.

Compuware says the tool focuses on measuring user experience so organisations can optimise their mobile application performance, measure the business impact of web application performance and integrate with web performance technology from Google.

"Most businesses do not know how to build mobile applications," said Eric Schurr, senior vice-president at Compuware.

He says consumers expect the same performance on the mobile web as they get on a PC, but developers can inadvertently make mobile pages load slowly on a mobile site, which impacts the user's experience. For instance, he says some developers build web pages where invisible objects display before visible objects, which impact the user's perception of how long the web page takes to load.

A clear view of application performance

Gomez now offers real-user monitoring that Compuware claims enables organisations to understand the actual performance that users are experiencing when using native mobile applications or accessing websites from mobile devices.

It says the Gomez monitoring tool provides detailed performance analytics not available in any other monitoring solution. It works for native mobile applications and browsers across any mobile device, operating system or carrier.

Gomez includes mobile readiness assessment, which provides an automatic assessment of the readiness of a website for mobile visitors by scoring the site against a set of standards and suggesting areas of improvement. This allows organisations to rate their mobile application's capability to run across devices and browsers.

It also offers a "health map with last mile data", which uses crowd-sourcing to gather data to indicate the operational health of the internet and a high-volume load-testing agent. This generates load from the cloud, which Compuware says enables developers to load-test millions of page views per hour.



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