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The iPhone coffee cup holder

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Ever found yourself in that unbearable situation where you just can't put your phone down to stop texting your friend, but you've just bought yourself a hot cup o' Joe. What do you do? Put your phone in your pocket so you can drink you Mocha? Precariously hold the plastic cup between your teeth while you finish your text? Or put your coffee down and let it go cold? 

Well, hopefully you won't need to worry for much longer as an iPhone case which also provides a perch for your brew is on the horizon - the Uppercup, at an ideal retail price of £21.

And it will surely be a big hit, until you get an important phonecall halfway through your message and you quickly lift the phone to your ear, only to hurl boiling hot java over your face!
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One-in-20 people use their mobiles during sex

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Yes, you read the headline right, more than half of people regularly use their mobile devices in bed, with 5% shockingly using their mobile while in the middle of having sex with their partner.*

Narly half check their social networks and emails on their mobile devices instead of listening to their partner, while 40% use their phones while sat on the toilet - please remember to wash your hands!

So apparently 45% of people admit that technology prevents them from ever truly switching off and relaxing in their spare time. Well we don't know about relaxing, but if there's a drop in birth rates next year, we can all blame the iPhone 5.

*Study conducted by UK technology manufacturer, Storage Options

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Who knew a bird could solve such a proplem?

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Downtime knows that your desk, as is ours, will be strewn with objects, many of which are precariously propped up. Basically our desk resembles a giant game of Jenga. 

As if Rovio, the media company made famous by the Angry Birds franchise, wasn't already being helpful enough in offering to cure sporadic boredom with bird-slinging, green pig-bashing fun on your smartphone, its partnership with Gear4 can now help tidy your desk. All without the use of a single feather duster as well.  
gear4_angry_birds_phone_stand_1.jpgThese Angry Birds iPhone/smartphone stands mean you can prop your handsets (and possibly tablets, which we are yet to try) up at a nice and secure viewing angle. No more having to use a pad of sticky notes and bottle combination to ensure your handset is in full view.

So if you no longer want to fly off the handle, desperately trying to locate your phone under mountains of scrap paper you can pluck up* an Angry Birds stand up from Mobile Fun

*Downtime would like to sincerely apologise for the number of poorly executed bird references and puns in this piece. 
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Ultimate security, no paper or digital trail

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Hamm, the piggy bank in Toy Story, is a criminal mastermind. You all remember the part where he uses Etch, the Etch-A-Sketch, to formulate a plan to rescue Woody, right?

Well, now iPhone owners can formulate, sketch and erase notes, reminders, evil plans and doodles to their hearts content with the iFoolish magic drawing case. All whilst resting assured that it be completely erased in a matter of seconds. 

App versions of Etch-A-Sketch are readily available but they'll never be as much fun as having to slide the eraser backward and forward yourself. Downtime believes dexterity is very important. 

If you want to relive the good ol' days and do your best Neil Buchanan impersonation you can pick a case up from Mobile Fun


Identify criminals on the go, with Facewatch

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A free crowdsourcing app, Facewatch, has launched for the citizens of Surrey. Despite the name, it isn't Facebook's more evident stalking sister site, but an app that was originally launched by the MET in April to help convict suspects of the London riots.

The app, which encourages users to search through images and anonymously identify anyone they recognised, is now being used by Surrey Police to crack down on crime.

facewatch_screenshot.pngCitizens with a sense of civic duty can download the app to sift through the photographs if you have an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone - no neighbourhood watch patrols for the Windows community then.

Out of curiosity, Downtime downloaded the app and entered a random Surrey postcode. We were immediately faced with three faces to identify, one of which was so blurred that we doubt the person's own mother would be unable to identify them.

Is this the answer to burning questions at local neighbourhood watch meetings? Or perhaps it's more suited to aid the masked and caped vigilantes, sworn to protect Gotham City... err, I mean Guildford.

It isn't your personality that stops you from having a holiday romance, it's your iPhone

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A, not-so-extensive, survey of 1,000 people by Skyscanner has revealed that you're more likely to land a lady in Lanzarote if you own a 'old-school' mobile. 

According to their survey, only 54% of iPhone users admit to holiday romances compared to a whopping 72% of those who are steering clear of the touchscreen. 

Hold on a second, 'only' 54% of iPhone owners admitted to a holiday romance. When I was a teen on holiday I'd have given anything for odds like that. 

Anyway, never ones to be left out, 61% of Android users also admitted to holiday romances but only 36% of them went to tell all on Facebook and Twitter. 

The survey goes on to suggest that the stereotypical chauvinists tend to own iPhones, with 47% of them bragging about their canoodling on social networks.

The reason Skyscanner cite for the supposed lack of lip-locking? Apps! 

They add that Apple fans seem to be too busy downloading apps, with 76% of them using apps on holiday, whereas only 55% of Android owners do the same.

Then, shockingly, Sam Baldwin, the Skyscanner Travel Editor, kind of rubbishes his own findings by saying, "these figures show that mobiles really do play a major part in people's holiday activities these days, perhaps even at the expense of romantic activities?"

A question mark! After all those %'s you end on a question mark. 

Downtime's holiday tip: Don't fiddle with your mobile at all, try actually talking to people.
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Bedroom smartphone antics cause relationship friction

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Downtime knew mobile phones could increase employee productivity but is surprised to discover how smartphones are also being used outside work hours in the bedroom.

 A survey by iPass finds more than 60% of enterprise employees "sleep with their smartphones".

"Significantly, 29% of mobile workers report that their mobile technology usage causes friction in their personal relationships," reads the report.  

The National Sleep Foundation also finds 95% of people admit to using some sort of electronic device before bed.

Downtime is mystified about such new methods of mobile working and the blurring of work and bedroom activities.

Will the trend ever reverse, bringing bedroom antics to the office..?

Nurse in your pocket app gives people depression amongst other diseases

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Last week the NHS announced that they are releasing their 'Nurse in your pocket' app on the iPhone following it's success on Android.

I'm not a fan of self-assessment no matter what device it sits on. 

I remember when I was 6, I paid 50p for a go on the Love-o-meter where you hold the handle and it tells you just how hot / good a lover you are and while I got 'smokin' my mate was 'sizzlin' which is a level above smokin.

I don't know the science but I can't believe he rates higher than me. I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I was in fact sizzlin and he was even lower than smokin.

Since then I felt that you should always seek out a doctor's opinion.

Have you ever Googled your symptoms to try and self assess what's wrong? Last time I did that I mistook acne for Herpes.

You never find out what's really wrong with you. You always get an absurd answer, so to get that kind of insane diagnosis doesn't sit well with me.

How depressing would it be to need an app to hand to always check what you're suffering from at that point? You're illnesses will start the second you download that app.

So far the app has had just 1,774 downloads, so it's not exactly pandemic yet.

You're also probably wondering why it was released on Android first (as well as wondering whether that lump is fat or a baby).

The answer is simple. Rich people have iPhones and so probably have private healthcare therefore not needing self-diagnosis or as I like to call it self-harm.

P.S. 'Nurse in your pocket' ? Seriously what a stupid name. Most men will expect to download a saucy nurse into their pocket but instead will probably get chlamydia.

Getting arrested for Police impersonation? There's an app for that

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You can get an app that can do pretty much anything nowadays. I got one that helps me with my shopping list, another to let me know where I parked my car, oh! and there's another one that flashes red and blue lights.

I know what you're thinking, what could you do with an app that just flashes blue and red?

Well one plucky kid in the US of A had a bit of a brainstorm. If he sticks his phone to the top of his car then he'll be able to pretend that he's a policeman or, as the Americans call them a 'cop'.

Storming down the high street in his automobile, or as the Americans call them 'car', he happened upon another 'car' that was driving along innocently.

The 20-year old's plan worked like a charm! Sticking the phone to his roof turning his Porsche 911 (I'm just guessing here) into a Police automobile, or as the Americans call them 'cop car'.

He pulled over a car using the app and then sped away once they'd stopped!! Hilarious, well done young man.

He did enocounter one small, tiny, insignificant problem though. The other driver noted his number plate and informed the police who tracked him down, found the app on his snazzy phone and arrested him.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the "felony crime of unlawful exercise of the function of peace officers is punishable by up to five years in prison" or in this case the death penalty... Only kidding, just five years in prison.

Get your Royal Wedding technology tat here...

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Nowhere, it seems, is going to be immune to the tidal wave of tat that will be produced for the forthcoming Royal Wedding - not even technology.

Downtime would like to thank accessory maker Proporta for inspiring us to consider a short period of republicanism with its announcement of the tasteful Gold Union Jack smartphone case, which the firm describes as, "Truly a piece of Royal gadget bling."

Now come on, be honest, weren't you all coming into work today wondering where you can get some Royal gadget bling?

"What better way to start the week than a smartphone case to celebrate the impending Royal nuptials," asked the email Downtime received imparting this joyous news.

You'll be wondering now what it looks like, won't you. Well here it is, in all its resplendent Royal glory: 


royal case.JPG

Downtime would love to hear from readers with their examples of Royal Wedding technology tat, and we might even stretch to a mediocre prize for the best we receive.

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