Virtual machine backup: Backup application product enhancements

Find out about the key new virtual machine backup capabilities of the main backup applications, how vStorage APIs for Data Protection have changed VM backup, and more.

Only two years ago virtual machine backup was quite different than it is now. Back then, backing up virtual servers involved a two-stage process using VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) and staging to a proxy server. Now, following the 2009 launch of VMware’s vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP), backup applications can link directly to the hypervisor and take images of virtual machines and their data.

In this Special Report, you’ll find out about the key new virtual server backup capabilities of the main backup products, differences between backing up physical and virtual servers, the evolution of virtual server backup and VADP, and the virtual machine backup features of midrange backup products.

VMware backup solutions evolve to make use of VMware APIs

In this article storage manager Martin Taylor surveys the main backup products and looks at the VMware backup features they incorporate, such as data deduplication, snapshots, granular recovery and cloud as a target.

Podcast: Backing up virtual servers vs physical servers

In this podcast David Boyd, GlassHouse Technologies (UK) practice lead for backup and recovery, talks about the differences between backing up physical and virtual servers; image-level backups of virtual machines; and features such as data deduplication, white space recognition and active block mapping.

Virtual server backup evolves from rudimentary process to integrated one\

This article provides an overview of how virtual machine backup has changed and some detail of the VMware VADP.

Midrange data backup solutions surveyed

In this article we examine the key new features of midrange data backup applications introduced in the past year. We look at products from Acronis, EMC, Symantec, CA and Microsoft and survey their virtual server backup capabilities, among other things.

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