Vodafone wins customers with a landscape approach to BI

Vodafone India stood No. 2 in BI Masterminds, 2012 with its implementation of InfoVision, a BI platform that integrates multiple tools.

A large customer-base, heterogeneous systems, decentralized business processes, and high data volumes had made information analysis a highly complex task at Vodafone India. The country’s second largest telecom service provider needed a BI solution that could help it analyze the requirements of its more than 14 crore subscribers across its voice and data services.

Prior to BI, the company faced data latency issues in its data warehouse affecting the timely information reporting. The volume of data amounted to more than 11 lakh files per day. Gaining valuable insights from such a large data-set was another challenge.

Divergent needs from business introduced new challenges while delivering analytical CRM, customer value management (CVM) and operational KPI information reporting. Lastly, Vodafone needed a BI architecture that could support its next three years’ business road map so as to readily integrate new functions and services.

Solution implemented:

  • A multi-layered BI architecture InfoVision implemented by IBM.
  • Teradata v12 as Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • IBM Data Stage as ETL
  • IBM Tivoli Workload scheduler as Monitoring Control
  • IBM Cognos as OLAP and Reporting
  • Oracle 11gR2 Database as Federated Data Marts

BI system at Vodafone India covers:

  • Analytics
  • Decision support systems
  • Querying and reporting
  • Campaigns

Used by:

  • Top management
  • Information technology
  • Customer support
  • Marketing

Benefits delivered by BI

  • With InfoVision, Vodafone India has created a scalable architecture for BI which can integrate new functions and services such as 3G and ICR.
  • IT governance, policy, processes and guidelines implemented in the data integration layer provides audit transparency into current business reporting and analytical channels related to CDR (call detail record) information needs.
  • With BI, Vodafone has eliminated prepaid CDR information latency issues in data warehouse to enable timely reporting for business users.
  • With the implementation of datamart and ETL along with BI, Vodafone India estimates to have already saved Rs 9.1 crore and expects and additional Rs 18.2 crore saving over the next two years.


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