Tabnine tables AI platform integrations at Atlassian Team ’24

Based in the Holy Land, Tabnine claims to be the originator of the AI coding assistant category.

The company has now announced an expanded partnership and integration within the Atlassian platform to build and maintain applications faster and with higher quality through AI.

 Unveiled at the Atlassian Team ’24 conference in Las Vegas, the company is helping to integrate AI-enabled software development tools directly with Atlassian’s suite of products. 

These new integrations will allow Tabnine users to grasp the complete body of information — the data and code that represents deep institutional knowledge — that’s captured across Atlassian Jira, Confluence and BitBucket. Additionally, Tabnine’s first-to-market AI coding assistant will be embedded within Atlassian product suite to provide our full scope of capabilities anywhere an engineering team does their work. These new capabilities are expected to be available later this year.

“Our extended partnership with Atlassian is a natural step forward in supporting engineering teams anywhere and any how they do their work, empowering them with cutting-edge AI capabilities within the Atlassian ecosystem,” said Dror Weiss, CEO at Tabnine. “Our focus is on providing engineering teams with flexibility and control, ensuring that they can adopt AI within how they develop software without having to change the other tools they use to see the full benefit.”

Tabnine is an Atlassian Ventures-backed company and a decade-long Atlassian customer, with significant integrations already available.

Tabnine is integrated with Atlassian Bitbucket through the developers IDE to provide context to personalise the behaviour of the AI coding assistant and ensure that code generated by Tabnine is a fit for each engineering team. Personalised AI recommendations based on awareness of a developer’s code are accepted 40% more often than AI recommendations generated without these integrations. 

Explicitly guide recommendations

Tabnine is further integrated with Atlassian Bitbucket to even more explicitly guide recommendations and to leverage a company’s committed codebases as a “north star” for the AI coding assistant to optimise recommendations towards. Tabnine administrators can connect Tabnine to their organization’s Bitbucket repositories (alongside any other Git-based tools, including GitHub and GitLab) to deliver more personalized, higher quality results when generating code, explaining code, creating tests, writing documentation etc. This capability is currently in Private Preview for Tabnine Enterprise customers.

“We are excited about what the future holds; Atlassian opening its products to be better accessed by AI-powered software development tools, along with Tabnine’s deep expertise as the originator in the coding assistance space will further accelerate and simplify our joint customers’ software development effort. We are also working on expanding our integrations with Atlassian products – an AI agent that can take simple specifications stored in Atlassian Jira and create a fully functioning application,” noted Weiss and team.

In April, Tabnine added real-time switchable models, giving users the ability to select the underlying LLM that powers its software development chat tool, Tabnine Chat.

Highlighting the future of AI coding tools at Atlassian Team ’24, Tabnine also demonstrated its alpha build of a Tabnine AI agent using natural language generation to transform simple specifications stored in Jira into fully functional applications.

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