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Data migration planning: Developing an effective data migration strategy

Data migration planning can be hard, but creating a data migration strategy that covers tools for migrating data and enforces data migration policies can result in a successful data migration project.

Data migration planning can be a complicated process. But understanding the steps and best practices associated with creating an effective data migration strategy can help data storage managers avoid complications and pitfalls, and ultimately facilitate tiered storage. has compiled some of our recent information to help you develop a data migration strategy. First, we'll examine some of the common errors to avoid with data migration. We'll then take a look at the various reasons why data migrations fail and how you can combat them. Finally, we'll explore how a successful data migration strategy can help data storage environments reap the benefits of tiered storage.

Data migration projects: Avoid data migration errors with automation, orphaned storage remediation
Taking the proper planning steps before initiating a data migration project can be crucial to success. This podcast interview covers the steps in a data migration process and the tools that enable data storage process automation. Learn best practices for end users planning a data migration project, efficient tools for migrating data, common errors to avoid and what types of data storage environments are best suited to handle a data migration project.

Avoid data migration project failure: Five best practices
Data migration can be an expensive, complicated and unsecure process, regardless of what type of storage environment your organisation has. Data migration processes regularly fail for a number of reasons, including server crashes and data corruptions. Learn about some of the obstacles to successful data migration projects and why enforcing data migration policies, as well as testing and validating the process, can be the key to success.

Tiered storage: The importance of data migration in storage tiering
A tiered storage environment can allow an organisation to cut its infrastructure costs, increase performance and optimise its storage capacity. Having an effective data migration strategy in place can be the first step in achieving tiered storage goals. This podcast interview examines some of the benefits and challenges associated with tiered storage and the important role data migration plays in storage tiering.

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