Regulatory compliance and standard requirements

  • June 05, 2018 05 Jun'18

    Nexsan adds Assureon Cloud Transfer for hybrid cloud archiving

    Nexsan archiving appliances add hybrid cloud capability to AWS and Azure cloud for unstructured data, targeting users that want to retain files on-site with cloud access

  • June 04, 2018 04 Jun'18

    One-third of firms would pay ransoms rather than invest in security

    Report says businesses are still making the same mistakes, failing to make any progress in crucial areas such as cyber security awareness and preparedness

  • May 29, 2018 29 May'18

    Business still not addressing insider threat

    Businesses are still not addressing inside threats when it comes to cyber security, leaving themselves wide open to data breaches as a result, according to a security analyst

  • May 29, 2018 29 May'18

    Max Schrems’s NOYB initiates GDPR action

    A privacy NGO led by Austrian lawyer Max Schrems is among the first to file complaints under the GDPR against Google, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook

  • May 25, 2018 25 May'18

    GDPR puts people first, says ICO

    The day of 25 May 2018 marks the biggest change to UK data protection law in a generation, with benefits for businesses and consumers, according to the UK privacy watchdog

  • May 25, 2018 25 May'18

    Commitment is the watchword on GDPR D-Day

    New rules for protecting European citizens’ personal data are now enforceable by law, and organisations are being advised to focus broadly on commitment rather than narrowly on compliance