Regulatory compliance and standard requirements

  • February 19, 2018 19 Feb'18

    Lauri Love can stay in UK: prosecutors will not appeal extradition ruling

    Crown Prosecution Service gives undertaking to Lauri Love that it will not appeal against a court decision not to extradite him to the US – but prosecutors are seeking leave to appeal over part of the court ruling on extradition procedure

  • February 16, 2018 16 Feb'18

    A third of Brits plan to exercise right to be forgotten

    After the General Data Protection Regulation compliance deadline, a third of Britons polled say they plan to exercise their right to be forgotten, but few fully understand the GDPR and how it will affect them

  • February 14, 2018 14 Feb'18

    100 days to GDPR compliance deadline

    As the clock ticks down to the deadline to comply with the EU’s new data protection regulations, some surveys indicate there is still some confusion, but the focus has shifted from the sanctions to the benefits

  • February 12, 2018 12 Feb'18

    FS-ISAC enables safer financial data sharing with API

    The global financial industry's body for cyber and physical threat intelligence analysis and sharing has published an API to facilitate safer sharing of consumer financial information

  • February 09, 2018 09 Feb'18

    Europe in the firing line of evolving DDoS attacks

    The Europe, Middle East and Africa region accounts for more than half the world’s distributed denial of service attacks, a report from F5 Labs reveals

  • February 09, 2018 09 Feb'18

    Malaysian regulator and firm sued over data breach

    The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and a local company have been caught in a civil lawsuit over a massive data breach reported last year

  • February 08, 2018 08 Feb'18

    DMA Group working to reduce fear around GDPR

    The DMA Group is focused on the GDPR for customer communications and marketing, but says the key aim is to reduce fear in the market

  • February 08, 2018 08 Feb'18

    Swisscom downplays data breach

    Telecommunication provider Swisscom has downplayed a data breach affecting around 800,000 customers, but security experts warn of potential long-term risks

  • February 08, 2018 08 Feb'18

    Data breaches set to affect future sales

    The failure to protect customer data is set to create long-term business problems for organisations in Europe and the US, a survey reveals

  • February 07, 2018 07 Feb'18

    UK government orders review of online laws

    The UK Law Commission is to review current legislation on offensive online communications to ensure they are up to date with technology

  • February 06, 2018 06 Feb'18

    Many UK firms ill-equipped to deal the cloud security risks

    Many UK firms do not have the security tools, processes and skills required to ensure their cloud implementations are secure, a security researcher and advocate warns