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  • December 01, 2022 01 Dec'22

    Wi-Fi ‘essential’ to bridge the digital divide in rural areas

    Report from trade association for wireless communications sets out strategies for mobile operators, fibre providers and cable companies to serve the estimated billion people unconnected to Wi-Fi

  • December 01, 2022 01 Dec'22

    Global 5G market defies macroeconomic challenges

    Research from Ericsson shows 5G continues to scale faster than any previous mobile generation, with subscriptions expected to reach five billion by the end of 2028 and fixed wireless access forecast set to grow more quickly than previously expected

  • November 30, 2022 30 Nov'22

    eSIM proves green credentials

    Independent study by provider of adapted system integration technologies at wafer, chip and board level confirms eSIM as an environmentally friendly SIM solution​

  • November 30, 2022 30 Nov'22

    Scotland launches national digital platform for health and care

    The online platform aims to give people access to their health and social care data, as well as provide staff with access to data to inform decisions about care

  • November 29, 2022 29 Nov'22

    Cyber criminals exploiting naked TikTok ‘challenge’

    Malware operators lured targets by promising them they would be able to view nude videos of TikTok users

  • November 28, 2022 28 Nov'22

    Public safety 5G networks represent $700m opportunity

    Research on public safety broadband and mission-critical communications over 3GPP networks predicts that cumulative spending on deployable network assets in sectors will exceed $700m between 2022 and 2025

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