IT strategy

  • February 28, 2023 28 Feb'23

    MWC 2023: ICT infrastructure investment to drive Industry 4.0

    Study reveals how digital economy will account for more than half of global GDP by end of 2023 and how growth of 5G and intergenerational evolution of connectivity technology will increase global economic benefits by approximately 15%

  • February 27, 2023 27 Feb'23

    How Dell is future-proofing its business

    Dell Technologies is building a more resilient supply chain, investing in growth areas like edge and multicloud, and responding to shifts in consumption models to position itself for long-term growth

  • February 24, 2023 24 Feb'23

    UK police have ‘culture of retention’ around biometric data

    A culture of retention around biometric data in UK policing is damaging public trust, says UK biometrics commissioner, who is calling for clear regulation to govern police use of biometric technologies

  • February 24, 2023 24 Feb'23

    Royal Mail stands firm as LockBit leaks data and renews ransom demand

    The LockBit ransomware gang has made good on its threat to leak data exfiltrated from Royal Mail’s systems, but the postal service is not entertaining the possibility of giving in

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