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  • December 22, 2022 22 Dec'22

    Top 10 cyber security stories of 2022

    The war in Ukraine loomed large over the cyber security news agenda, but 2022 also saw growing awareness of open source security, discussion around cyber insurance, and more besides

  • December 22, 2022 22 Dec'22

    Top 10 cyber crime stories of 2022

    Cyber crime continued to hit the headlines in 2022, with impactful cyber attacks abounding, digitally enabled fraud ever more widespread and plenty of ransomware incidents

  • December 21, 2022 21 Dec'22

    Top 10 ANZ IT stories of 2022

    We recap the top 10 stories in Australia and New Zealand, including the opportunities and challenges that organisations in the region have faced over the past year

  • December 20, 2022 20 Dec'22

    TSB hit with huge fine after IT migration disaster

    TSB has been fined nearly £50m due to failings during its IT migration catastrophe

  • December 20, 2022 20 Dec'22

    Top 10 emerging storage trends stories of 2022

    There’s a seismic shift to the cloud. In its wake, object storage, unstructured data, analytics, unified file and object, and consumption models of procurement have all been boosted

  • December 19, 2022 19 Dec'22

    GitHub CEO: Artificial intelligence will not replace developers

    Artificial intelligence will enable developers to learn at their own pace and become more productive rather than take over their jobs, says GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke

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