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Tech sector advisory network expands to Spain

The 5,000-strong Global Tech Advocates network of IT industry experts that supports technology companies is expanding its service to Spain

The network of IT leaders and entrepreneurs which started out promoting the London tech scene has added Spain to the regions it supports.

Tech Spain Advocates is the latest offshoot of UK group Tech London Advocates (TLA), which has built a network of 5,000 advisors in London and around the world. A network in the Nordic region was launched in 2015. They all form part of the Global Tech Advocates network.

The network provides growing tech companies and startups with networking, skills and advice from experienced technology entrepreneurs, business people and technologists, known as advocates. Spanish members will now have access to entrepreneurs and founders in the UK, Dublin, San Francisco, India, China and the Nordics.

The group will support Spain’s entrepreneurial community by working with centres of excellence, local entrepreneurs and tech professionals. Advocates will lobby for improved access to capital and talent while providing support and advice throughout the network.

“Digital businesses make up a significant share of Spain’s growing private sector economy, and Tech Spain Advocates will provide a network and forum for these businesses and entrepreneurs to come together to share best practice and promote the sector, said Teresa Martin, co-founder of the Spanish operation.

The founder of Global Tech Advocates, Russ Shaw, said Spain has a number of impressive tech hubs in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Málaga, and expects to see a lot more great innovation coming out of Spain in the coming years.

“Spanish workers make up London’s third biggest nationality, and one of Spain’s leading banks – Santander – is a pioneer in London fintech [financial technology], so we expect great network relations across the global community to come from this chapter,” said Shaw.

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