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Vue Entertainment deploys automated monitoring of cinema IT

Cinema group Vue Entertainment rolls out Kaseya's VSA tool to manage remote IT at its venues and provide proactive maintenance

Cinema group Vue Entertainment has used monitoring software from Kaseya to support a more methodological approach to software asset management.

Mike Rozwadowski, architecture manager at Vue Entertainment, said the IT infrastructure for the entire business – including the 86 cinemas – was previously managed using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

The company previously had to rely on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets if it wanted to check systems such as its point-of-sale (PoS) hardware. “This took a significant amount of time to maintain and it was very inefficient,” said Rozwadowski.

“We were always so busy with the daily upkeep, but by automating the majority of this allow process, we could concentrate more on overall strategy and forward-thinking projects,” he said.

Kaseya’s virtual system administrator (VSA) endpoint monitoring and management system has been used to provide remote monitoring, and is now being rolled out at its outsourced first-line IT support helpdesk.

VSA monitors and maintains Vue’s systems in a proactive way, delivering advance warnings of any risk of failure to enable remediation before users are affected.

It is able to automatically run through a number of predefined scripts and policies to remove possible errors, and allow IT admins to pinpoint the root cause of problems in Vue Entertainment’s systems.

In the past, something needed to stop working before it was fixed. Now, with the help of VSA, Vue takes a proactive approach to IT maintenance and management.

Kaseya used the example of when disk space reaches a threshold. An email is first sent to notify the IT team and then, based on predefined procedures, VSA will resolve the issue by emptying a cache and send another email to the team to notify IT that the problem has been resolved.

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VSA is now used for almost any task that can be automated and controlled via a central dashboard, including software deployments, running regular maintenance checks on tills, kiosk management, monitoring disk space and patch management, according to Rozwadowski.

“Having a product which can detect a problem, log a ticket and then resolve it automatically is one of many powerful features under the hood,” he said.

Remote management has been one of the key features being used at Vue Entertainment. “If we need to remote onto a till, a kiosk or a manager’s PC to fix something behind the scenes, we use Kaseya Live Connect. With Live Connect, we can easily troubleshoot issues without having to disrupt our users,” said Rozwadowski.

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