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Scale hyper-converged adds all-flash 1150F and “workhorse” 5150D

Hyper-converged pioneer Scale Computing targets 1/2PB 5150D at remote sites and big on-site deployments, while 1150F allows customers an all-flash tier to add to existing clusters

Scale Computing has added two hyper-converged infrastructure appliances to its product range, the “workhorse” 5150D and the company’s first all-flash HCI box, the 1150F.

The 5150D is a 2U appliance, where all previous Scale Computing HC3 series appliances have been 1U.

It is described by founder and CEO Jeff Ready as “a large workhorse” with up to half a petabyte of storage capacity. Compute capacity will be in two CPUs with up to 20 cores while storage per 2U box is 72TB in spinning disk HDDs and 6Tb of flash.

According to Ready, Scale is responding to customer demand for a larger hyper-converged appliance. “Use cases include where a bigger single node is needed, for example, as a disaster recovery target where you will often find less capacity and fewer nodes are required than at the primary site,” he said.

He also cited remote office examples and customers that need to be able to run everything from an important site without use of off-site resources. Ready mentioned a steelmaker customer for whom such self-sufficiency is a requirement.

Meanwhile, the 1150F is the first all-flash storage hyper-converged infrastructure appliance from Scale. It is 1U and comes with up to 8TB of flash.

Scale Computing HCI appliances run a version of the KVM hypervisor and can be clustered with any other Scale node, so the addition of the all-flash box aims at providing a tier of flash capacity for customers.

“You can mix and match so it can support customers whose need for flash is increasing. They could add one or more to the cluster to give access to flash capacity, because of the way all capacity is pooled,” said Ready.

Meanwhile, Scale has also added a number of software features to its operating environment. These include the ability for multiple admins to log in simultaneously and to monitor multiple HC3 clusters from other Scale clusters.

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