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Half of CIOs have no Brexit plan because of uncertainty

Uncertainty caused by the UK leaving the EU has caused a pause in activity for half of CIOs, while the others are accelerating their digital transformation

Nearly all (96%) of CIOs think Brexit will disrupt their plans, but because of the uncertainty about what will happen, they are split down the middle about what to do now, according to research.

A survey of 100 senior IT decision-makers by Accenture spin-off Avanade showed that 41% have either slowed down or stopped their investment plans because of the uncertainties caused by the UK government’s aim to leave the EU in just under two years, but 56% have accelerated their digital transformations to prepare for Brexit.

A total of 49% do not have any specific plans for dealing with Brexit.

It is hard to plan for the unknown – and that is what faces CIOs preparing their IT for life after the EU.

Avanade said CIOs who had already made plans would have a 500-day head start on those who had not.

Darren Hardman, UK general manager at Avanade, said nothing kills a business faster than inertia. “Brexit has put the spotlight on certain specific issues, but the fundamental requirement for digital transformation remains the same,” he said. “The clock is ticking, and the IT decision-makers who are slowing down their IT investments should be looking nervously at their peers who say they are accelerating.”  

Some 68% of the CIOs said Brexit offered them an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage if it was managed correctly.   

“We know from our own recent research that getting senior executives across the business to understand the value of IT transformation remains a challenge for IT decision-makers,” said Hardman. “Brexit provides the compelling case they need to push these changes through.”

CIOs appeared most concerned about the impact Brexit might have on their ability to recruit people with the right skills, he added. .................................................................................................................

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