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Colt extends high bandwidth network into Finland

Network and datacentre provider will expand its high bandwidth IQ Network to Helsinki to offer pan-Eurasian and local connectivity

Colt Technology Services is to expand its high bandwidth Colt IQ Network to Helsinki in Finland to offer new network routes across Europe and Asia, and address an increasingly attractive market for datacentre investments.

Finland is rapidly becoming a key gateway hub between Europe and Asia, with network traffic transiting the county set to more than treble between 2015 and 2020.

Additionally, a skilled workforce, stable local economy, good local data protection laws and a cooler climate, means it is currently seeing a boom in datacentre construction.

“Finland’s appeal as a hotbed for datacentre investment puts the country firmly on the high bandwidth map, attracting datacentre operators, connectivity providers and enterprise users,” said Tim Passingham, Colt wholesale vice-president.

“As part of our global investment programme of €500 million over the next three years, we aim to create faster routes for customers seeking increasingly demanding SLAs, building on Finland’s strategic importance as a gateway hub between Europe and Asia.”

The Colt IQ Network connected about 700 major datacentres, and well over 24,000 enterprise sites across the world, as well as offering a long-distance network between Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

New routes opened up through Helsinki will include 10Tbps of additional capacity between the Finnish capital and Stockholm, and a 100Gbps-enabled connection that closes Colt’s fibre ring from Finland towards Germany, passing through Warsaw and Berlin.

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The extension of the IQ network follows on from Colt’s recent addition of a network point-of-presence (PoP) in Interxion’s MRS1 facility in Marseille, which is already a major transit location for network operators.

The firm has also been busily growing its presence in southeast Asia, investing earlier this year in the expansion of its Asia metro area network across Singapore and Hong Kong, serving customer transit needs between Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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