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Government to create map over departments’ transformation progress

The Cabinet Office’s Transformation Peer Group is looking for a partner to help create a digital mapping tool where civil servants can look up info on transformation programmes

The government is working to create a mapping tool, giving departments an overview of transformation programmes across Whitehall.

The project is being led by the Cabinet Office Transformation Peer Group, which has published a supplier opportunity on the Digital Marketplace looking for a partner to help with the work. A proof of concept has already been developed and the aim is for a public beta version of the tool to be launched in early June 2017. 

The aim of the tool is to make it easier for departments to see how their projects relate to theres and where there are co-dependencies.

“Departments cannot currently see how their programme relates to other programmes across government. In turn, this leads to activities being duplicated across government,” the supplier notice said.

“Departments cannot see how other programmes depend on them, leading to poor decisions for the whole of government being taken. Ministers cannot see how their department has to work with other departments to achieve their priorities.

“This leads to resourcing being improperly allocated across the department. Treasury cannot plan cross-government programmes as they cannot not see how these programmes fit into wider government transformation.”

Earlier this year, the government launched its long-delayed and awaited government transformation strategy, which aims to “change the relationship” between the government and the public.  

The transformation strategy focuses on a set of key priorities to achieve by 2020 – it will deliver and design “joined-up, end-to-end services”, along with “major transformation programmes” and a whole-government approach to transformation. 

As part of a joined-up approach, someone involved in a programme in a specific department would need to see other projects they are dependent on to collaborate, said the supplier notice.

The government is looking for a supplier with experience in delivering agile projects and developing open source products. The deadline for applications closes 27 March 2017.

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