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Excelero NVMe over fabrics NVMesh brings SAN to hyperscale

Excelero aims at transactional and analytics use cases for webscale users that want to create SAN-like pools of storage with its NVMesh software-defined product

NVMe over fabrics storage player Exelero has emerged from stealth with version 1.1 of its NVMesh software that allows customers to build NVMe-based SAN shared storage from server NVMe storage instances.

Excelero’s NVMesh product is a software-only offering. Customers install it on servers equipped with NVMe drives and can create pools of SAN-like block storage.

NVMesh is aimed at webscale and cloud customers, large enterprises and high-performance computing-type environments such as oil and gas. It is already deployed at NASA, where a 128-node cluster runs around 250TB of storage using its software for supercomputer simulations.

NVMesh allows server to communicate with NVMe-equipped drives by with so-called NVMe over Fabrics (NVMf) that use RDMA (remote direct access memory) as a messaging layer for NVMe commands. 

Excelero aims at webscale, also known as Hyperscale, datacentre operators. Led by the web giants, this architecture is based on self-contained nodes of compute and storage aggregated in grid-like fashion.

These are constructed from commodity components with an entire server/storage node swapped out if faulty. The hyperscale model is aimed at web cases and, in particular, the analytics – such as Hadoop – that go with it.

Excelero aims to provide such users with the ability to create shared storage based on NVMe (non-volatile memory express) drives.

NVMe is a PCIe-based standard that allows solid state storage to work to its full potential by hugely increasing drive connectivity performance, with large numbers of queues and vastly increased queue depth in the input/output (I/O) path compared with existing SAS and Sata drive protocols.

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NVMf is the messaging layer that allows NVMe commands to be sent between remote hosts and NVMe storage. Excelero claims latency of less than 5µs for storage it connects.

The NVMesh software provides a management layer to provision and monitor storage, and; storage services such as data protection, multipathing and logical volumes.

Currently, drives incorporated into an NVMesh pool are protected by Raid 10, but the company plans to add erasure coding at a later date. ... ... ... ... ... ...

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