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Nimble offers Nimble Cloud Volumes all-flash cloud storage

Hybrid and all-flash array maker extends offer to the cloud with Nimble Cloud Volumes cloud storage that can be provisioned for compute on Amazon or Microsoft clouds or on-premise

Nimble Storage has announced the availability of Nimble Cloud Volumes, a Nimble-run cloud storage service that allows customers to provision cloud-based capacity to compute instances in the Amazon or Microsoft clouds or for their on-premise compute.

Using the service, Nimble customers will be able to provision, via a Nimble web portal, block storage volumes that physically reside on on Nimble-owned all-flash infrastructure, initially on the east and west coast of the US, but later to be extended elsewhere.

Cloud storage volumes – available in gold, silver and bronze service levels – created by customers are then presented as storage for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and/or Microsoft Azure cloud compute instances.

Features available to Nimble cloud customers will include backup and recovery, cloning and the ability to use the service for burst workloads.

Nimble pre-sales technical consultant Rich Fenton said customers can expect sub-millisecond latency with six-nines availability.

“We typically find customers reluctant to use the cloud because the resiliency is not enterprise grade,” he said. “It’s for customers that want persistency in cloud storage, that they wouldn’t have been able to find in the past, and for those that are concerned about cloud supplier data lock-in.”

Fenton said likely use cases for Nimble Cloud Volumes would be web hosting, email, collaboration, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and HR apps.

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A key advantage touted by Nimble is that data can easily be ported between cloud services. It is often a concern of potential cloud customers that data that resides with one cloud provider might not be easily moved to another. Nimble guarantees that will not be the case with its Cloud Volumes.

Customers will potentially be able to use Nimble Cloud Volumes as tiers of storage in conjunction with on-premise capacity but there will be no automated tiering capability between them.

Nimble Cloud Volumes will initially cost $0.10 per gigabyte a month.

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