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Facebook to hire 500 more people in the UK

Facebook is increasing its UK workforce by 50%, with highly skilled engineers high on its wish list of new recruits

Facebook is set to recruit an additional 500 people in the UK in 2017, when it opens its new London office.

The jobs will include many high-skilled engineering roles, as well as marketing executives, project managers and salespeople. The majority are set to be based in the capital’s new headquarters.

The additional staff will mean a 50% increase in the social networking company’s UK workforce.

Nicola Mendelsohn, vice-president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Facebook, said the UK remains one of the best places to be a tech company.

The company is looking for additional software engineers in particular. “Many of those new roles will be high-skilled engineering jobs, as the UK is home to our largest engineering base outside of the US,” said Mendelsohn.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said Facebook’s decision is further evidence of London’s strength as a tech hub.

“It follows news that London remains the best city in Europe for digital startups,” he said.

“The capital’s vibrant tech scene is the envy of Europe, and Facebook’s continuing commitment is another sign that London is open to talent, innovation and entrepreneurship from all four corners of the world.”

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Google announced plans in mid-November 2016 to hire more than 3,000 new staff in the UK over the coming years.

Google CEO Sundar Pichaiv said that by 2020, Google will employ 7,000 people at its London base in King’s Cross.

“We understand there’s uncertainty, but we know for certain that the web and digital technology will be an engine of growth for the UK for years to come,” he said.

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