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London North West Healthcare NHS Trust to get to grips with patient flow

The integrated NHS trust has decided to implement a bespoke patient flow management system with self-check-in kiosks

London North West Healthcare NHS Trust plans to roll out a patient flow management system from supplier Intouch with Health.

The trust hopes a new system will improve patient experience and increase efficiency, especially in outpatient clinics.

The roll-out will include the installation of check-in kiosks in outpatient wards and automated calling screens in waiting rooms.

It will also enable staff to monitor patients’ journey through the hospital using the system’s patient flow manager, giving them a real-time view of where patients are. This will reduce bottlenecks, enabling clinics to run more efficiently.

Don West, project lead for the deployment, said the trust had been heavily focused on improving patient experience.

“Enabling patients to quickly check in for appointments using kiosks will reduce queues at the front desk,” he said.

“It will also allow reception staff to focus on ensuring patient details are correctly recorded, booking follow-up clinics and making sure the outcome of the attendance is correctly recorded to ensure the hospital is funded correctly.”

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London North West Healthcare NHS Trust covers a population of 850,000 people, spread across several hospitals and community services. It was formed in 2014 after a merger of Ealing Hospital NHS Trust and North West London Hospitals NHS Trust.

The merger saw the two trusts join up services and systems, including their Silverlink patient administration system (PAS), which covers millions of records for patients across Brent, Ealing and Harrow. The patient flow system will also be integrated with the PAS. 

The trust also plans to implement several other modules from Intouch, including electronic outcomes and mobile appointment management.  

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