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Nexsan adds mobile app access to Unity file sync and share

Nexsan Unity can now be accessed by iPhone and Android mobile users, as well as from desktops and laptops, to provide Dropbox-like functionality within the firewall

Storage array maker Nexsan has added mobile access to its array plus file sync and share Unity family of products.

The move will add Android and iOS access to existing desktop and laptop access for employees to private enterprise file sync and share services run on a Nexsan Unity unified storage platform.

Unity is Nexsan’s private file sync and share product. It provides private Dropbox-like capabilities in the form of the company’s NST unified storage (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS) boxes married with Transporter functionality that results from its acquisition of Connected Data in October 2015.

Nexsan Unity comes in three base units designated entry level, mid-range and high end. They come in 2U and 6U boxes with SSD read and write cache plus SAS drives with capacities that range from a few terabytes to petabyte scale.

This storage capacity combines with private cloud file sync and share capabilities that are set up by the customer designating volumes on the storage array to be connected to, and synchronised with, other Unity instances in other locations.

It uses asynchronous replication to enable a mirror of the workgroup so that should access to storage in one place go down, the data can be accessed elsewhere.

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The Unity mobile and web apps allow users to browse files in user folders on the organisation’s Unity system; upload, download and share files between iOS and Android devices and computers; access shared folders as read-only or read-write, depending on user permissions; use the search function; and create and send secure links via email to files stored on Unity, even to people outside the organisation.

Android and iOS apps for Unity are available free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Currently, Nexsan NST users can convert their system to Nexsan Unity via a free software conversion.

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