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Isle of Man signs up for new policing platform

The Isle of Man’s police force sign up for the Connect policing platform – the largest IT investment the island’s police force has made in a decade

The Isle of Man has signed a five-year contract with Northgate Public Services for its Connect policing platform, making it the 13th police force to take the system.

The force hopes the digital platform, which is its largest IT investment in more than 10 years will help to future proof and modernise processes on the island.

It has signed up to take the investigation, intelligence, case and custody elements of the platform, which will be configured to match the Isle of Man’s requirements, which differ from the rest of the UK’s.

The Isle of Man’s chief constable, Gary Roberts, said the force plans to deploy the system during the course of 2017.

“A safe island requires a modern, digitally enabled police force. Having information at our fingertips when and where we need it will enable officers to spend as much time as possible in the communities we serve. The service enjoyed by the public will improve as a result,” he said. 

“While recorded crime has fallen to its lowest level for 45 years, the challenges facing the constabulary are growing in scale and complexity.

“The island is no longer insulated from an ever-more connected global society and officers must be equipped to deal with modern demands and sophisticated criminals. Our vision is to use technology to predict, respond to and ultimately to prevent crime.”

The force hopes the new platform will also help improve compliance with the Management of Police Information rules, as well as deliver mobile working to police officers.

In September 2016, Lancashire Constabulary became the first force in the UK to go live with the platform as a “stand alone” cloud version of the platform, rather than part of the Athena multi-force collaboration nine other forces have signed up to. South Yorkshire and Humberside are also due to go live with the Connect platform in 2016.

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