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Yahoo breach underlines need for Security Serious Week

The recently disclosed Yahoo data breach shows that no business is immune, underlining the need to raise awareness and improve practices, say the organisers of Security Serious Week

The recently disclosed security breach at Yahoo affecting 500 million user accounts underlines the importance of security practitioners joining forces to raise awareness around cyber security.

Security Serious Week 2016, starting on 3 October, will see the UK’s cyber security community and a number of key industry experts come together to offer their time and expertise.

The campaign is aimed at getting UK companies to think more seriously about security and to encourage people to become more savvy about security.

The campaign is designed to inform, reward and inspire people to tackle some of the industry’s biggest issues during European Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The second annual Security Serious Week, sponsored by Mimecast, Netskope and Netconsent, will kick off with a free conference hosted by the Department for Media Culture and Sport in London on 3 October.

The one-off event will bring together some of the country’s brightest minds in cyber security and cover topics such as how the UK’s top CISOs tackle security awareness and cope with the ever-changing legal landscape.

The conference will also look at how and why UK companies should be thinking like hackers as they develop their cyber defence strategies. 

Jenny Radcliffe, often described as a “human lie detector”, will be talking about employing hackers and giving tips and guidance on how to “wake up the workforce” to the threat of social engineering.  

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The second day of Security Serious Week will see the UK’s unsung heroes in cyber security honoured at the Unsung Heroes Awards in London on 4 October.

During the week, there will be a series of free webinars hosted by industry experts on a wide range of cyber security issues designed to help companies improve their security posture.

“It’s ironic that last year, when we decided to run the first Security Serious Week, the Talk Talk breach had just happened. This year, it looks like the next big culprit is Yahoo,” said Yvonne Eskenzi, director of Eskenzi PR and lead organiser of Security Serious Week.

“It goes to show that no business is immune to a breach and, no matter what their size, they often could do with tightening up security and dealing with customer data more responsibly and securely.”

In addition to helping companies improve their cyber security and recognising the work of cyber security practitioners, the campaign is aimed at inspiring young people to enter the cyber security industry to fill the large skills gap. 

“The cyber security industry is fast-paced, exciting and changing, but there is a huge lack of skilled people – which is imperative if we are going to stay resilient against the growing hacking community often driven by monetary gain or state sponsored espionage,” said Ian Glover, president of Crest, the not-for profit accreditation and certification body for the technical information security industry. 

“As an industry, we need to tackle the skills shortage head on and encourage the best people to choose cyber security as a career path – an extremely, challenging, exciting and rewarding one,” he said.

“This is why initiatives such as Security Serious Week are so important in raising awareness of cyber security issues and also to promote the opportunities available.”

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