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Enterprise IT conference comes to the Nordics

IP Expo is holding an event focused on the Nordic region for the first time as countries such as Sweden and Finland become leaders in enterprise IT

A major IT event will mirror its UK and European activity in the Nordics as the region continues to punch above its weight in the global IT sector.

Following in the footsteps of the already established European and UK events, IP Expo Nordic will take place in Stockholm in September 2016.

The event is another example of an established conference branching out to Scandinavia. In 2015, Datacloud Nordic brought together several hundred datacentre experts in Oslo to debate the big issues surrounding IT infrastructure in the region.

Rather than a conference programme filled with Nordic IT directors, the as yet unannounced line-up at IP Expo Nordic is likely to feature experts from the UK and US.

“Initially, we wanted a programme that would be directly relevant to senior IT management working in the Nordic region, but it soon became clear that the community is just as interested in hearing from global speakers to give an outside perspective on the region,” said Duncan Kirk, managing director of IP Expo.

Infrastructure debate continues

Issues on networks, infrastructure and cloud computing are likely to dominate discussions at IP Expo Nordic, following a series of announcements made by governments in the region.

Data storage charges for Norwegian enterprises are expected to fall following electricity tax cuts for data-intensive industries, while the Swedish government is considering a similar move. Finland implemented electricity tax cuts for datacentre providers in 2014.

The region has so far been successful in attracting investment from the likes of Google, Apple and Facebook, thanks to competitive pricing and the natural cooling available in northern Europe.

Cyber security in the spotlight

Topics such as data analytics, DevOps and open source look set to be addressed at the conference, along with the state of cyber security in the region.

As all businesses become digital, cyber security is no longer a problem for IT directors alone. According to security company FireEye, cyber threats are increasing across the Nordic region, with the highest share of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malware alerts observed in Norway (47%), followed by Denmark (36%). In 2014, 50 of Norway’s oil companies were subject to a major attack.

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