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KPMG accelerates transfer of UK IT jobs to India

KPMG is moving more jobs to India, with UK contractor roles the most affected

Business advisory KPMG is moving more of its UK IT team to India as it expands its agreement with Indian IT services firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Some permanent UK IT jobs could be affected in the future “depending on the agreed system”, said a KPMG spokesperson. However, the company currently only has plans to cut contract staff in the UK.

The latest move sees the company increase its India-based IT team to 150 from 125. It will be almost the same size as the UK IT department, which has 155 staff. One source told Computer Weekly that the remaining technical jobs are in the process of knowledge transfer, with Indian staff currently being trained in the UK.

KPMG has had IT based in India for around a decade, but following the success of a contract with TCS – which was signed 18 months ago – it is increasing offshore resources and reducing the UK team.

A KPMG spokesperson told Computer Weekly: “We’ve had IT capability based in India for around 10 years. TCS took over the contract eighteen months ago and we are really pleased with the service. As a result, we are extending the contract.”

It said it is “gradually reducing the number of contract staff” it uses in the UK, which it claimed will largely be through natural attrition. “We are putting the right IT resource in place for the business by increasing our Indian support and reducing contract UK staff.”

KPMG said it does not have a redundancy programme in place for permanent staff, but added that it is possible a small number of permanent staff may be affected. “Every effort will be taken to minimise any job losses,” it added.

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